By Admin | March 9, 2005

In one of the many scenarios looped throughout “Therapy”, the doctor (Chris Paradis) would likely become Corporate America’s golden God, with the major billion-dollar businesses clamoring for the idea of getting this guy cloned. As Max (Julia Baugh) is under the deep control of the doctor and his keyboard, he tells Max that she will be a good consumer, buy up all she can, and max out her credit cards. Is this her fated destiny or is it where she gets hit by the car? What is the waiting room? Is it really a waiting room or is Max somewhere that we can’t put our own thoughts on?

“Therapy” makes the most of its time by keeping us entranced with its many possibilities. Max has an obsession with the space-time continuum, we learn from the doctor, but this doesn’t seem like the workings of any continuum. Or does it? Here, constant questioning keeps it all alive and remarkably well-put together, even in all that Max faces. It’s a real marvel, a Rubik’s Cube for whenever we want.

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  1. I thought this was the most phenomenal thing that has ever reached out and touched me, or reached around and touched me. It deserves far more attention than it gets.

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