Tomi Streiff’s “The Wedding Cow” is a quirky and sweet tale. Flora, a sassy young lady, is on her way to her first day on the job as a librarian when her train fare gets nabbed. Along comes simple plumber Tim and his lovely cow, Hannah, to pick up the wayward Flora…and along the way, the duo (trio?) run into a 14-year-old runaway, lots of surprises, and a little romantic stuff too.
“The Wedding Cow” has earned quite a bit more respect than your average hunky-dory romantic comedy, though — the film recently took home two top honors from the Savannah Film and Video Festival. The awards, for “Best Director” and “Citation by the Jury for Best Male Lead,” make the “Cow”‘s grand total of ten awards something to be proud of.
You can read our praise in the [ Film Threat Review ] for “The Wedding Cow” here.

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