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By Barry Robison | January 24, 2003

TO BE REVIEWED. SYNOPSIS: And then there was Afghanistan…

President George W. Bush goes to war against evil-doers in what he calls “a new kind of war”. Meanwhile, Americans everywhere are caught in the grips of Patriotism Fever. Department stores can barely keep American flags in stock, potential terrorists lurk in every hole, and Dick Cheney camps out in mysterious undisclosed locations.

In a medium sized Pennsylvania city, a documentary movie crew sets out to capture the lives of a handful of self-proclaimed Patriots. THE WAR EFFORT follows the lives of these citizens as they forge head-first into the War, each equipped with their own brand of pro-American jingoism. And all with the firm belief that they’re supporting their President, their nation, and their war.

But can they withstand the spotlight of the media and the lure of cash and prizes? Or will they bring down the wrath of the new Office of Homeland Security?

THE WAR EFFORT rips into all these facets of modern wartime American life.

You’ll never look at an car windshield mounted American flag the same way again…

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