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By Amy R. Handler | March 8, 2013

When two strapping movers from Trusty Move pull their U-Haul up to the suburban home of Al Lucas, it seems like trouble of the most gruesome variety is about to meet the nervous homeowner. Matthew Szewczyk’s The Walk Off, is seven minutes of non-stop suspense that builds to the most surprising ending imaginable.

A character-driven flick with three outstanding actors (Keenon Harris, Ryan Moore, and Doug Friedman), each character’s most inner complexities are entirely fleshed out in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but Matt Landsman’s potent little screenplay is so competently written that we’re never led to any conclusions— as so many poor writers are prone to do— but are given the rope to interpret all that we see and hear, as we deem fit.

Every so often, it’s a critic’s joy to discover unbelievable raw talent in unknown filmmakers, actors and crew—and those who made The Walk Off are just such an example. Here’s hoping that everyone can view this fantastic little flick as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I’ll wait breathlessly to see what Szewczyk, and Landsman dream up next. Yes, I’m hoping this very dynamic duo stay together for at least one more project!

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