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By Chris Parcellin | April 3, 2001

In “The Voice Inside”, a pasty-faced young gent (Elias) is tormented by a voice in his head. He takes drugs to combat this, but it doesn’t help. He also does a large amount of vomiting. His growing madness leads him to lay a truly severe beating on himself, including giving his a*s a rather savage proctological exam with a hammer.
This is really only half a film, at best. We never get the chance to get to know the character and perhaps empathize with his plight. Also, the circumstances leading up to this sorry state of affairs aren’t explained. So, we are simply left with the spectacle of a pathetic sicko acting out, rather hammily, for the camera.
On a positive note, with all the violence being perpetrated today on innocent folks–by sick hillbilly teenagers who got an “F” in Math, it’s nice to see someone give themselves the a*s-kicking they deserve. If you get a hard-on over watching someone beating himself to a bloody pulp, “The Voice Inside” is your film. Otherwise, don’t bother.

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