By Admin | November 26, 2002

“Beat the Geeks”‘ Paul Goebel’s (the TV Geek) plays Sweets, an up and coming wrestler looking for his shot at stardom in Marq and Ren Morrison’s “Sweets.”
In the upcoming DVD release of “Sweets,” a story unfolds following two friends who join forces to pursue their childhood dream of making it into professional wrestling. The disc also includes Goebel’s early ’90s turn as a rabid Star Trek fan in, the award winning, “Dammit Jim! I’m only a Documentary.”
“Sweets,” Titanium Edition DVD, is a multi-level immersion into the world of wrestling and movie making. The DVD is fully featured with director’s commentary, subtitles, deleted scenes with explanations, and
bonus movies. Pushing the envelope further, “Sweets” has three “Easter eggs,” or hidden content screens, the third which has motion graphics that leads to a quiz, where the correct answers will lead you to a congratulations screen that has secret navigation to an additional movie exclusive to this DVD by Orlando filmmaker Anthony Torres.
“With a DVD, you can celebrate the movie and the filmmaker’s work as a whole. It’s not just a movie. It’s an experience that a filmmaker creates and the audience can interact with in any fashion they choose. DVD’s like “Sweets” are great because it puts the filmmaker in control of exhibition and distribution,” said Anthony Torres.
“Before DVD’s, your only option for distribution was theatrical. If you didn’t have theatrical, you couldn’t break into the video rental market because of the saturation of major studios direct to video releases. So no theatrical meant no chance for your movie to recoup any costs. DVD’s are changing that,” said Mark Morrison.
For more info, visit the Sweets website.

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