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By Admin | February 9, 2000

Even though Vince (Eric Sapp), a Cape Cod real estate agent, and Danielle (Devery Doleman) are married, don’t look for them to be doing any guest spots on “Father Knows Best” anytime soon. Scarred by a honeymoon night that turned unexpectedly cold and rough, Danielle has since distanced herself from Vince; often disappearing for extended periods of non-stop parties and anonymous, emotionless sex binges. The only modicum of stability she seems to have is Joe (Bill Dwyer), a quiet hunk with whom she embarks on a torrid affair. However, even Joe can’t tame this restless spirit, who still maintains a tolerant level of affection for her increasingly estranged husband. Eventually, after an hour and a half of nearly random, quasi-linear scenes, Vince catches his anti-Donna Reed and Joe “in the act” in a laughably executed scene. Before you can say “what’s the motivation,” Danielle returns a bit sheepishly to Vince, and life more or less picks up right where it left off.
Jeepers, even “Dawson’s Creek” has deeper storylines than this meandering tripe, which seems to exist only to depict Danielle splayed out in as many sexy poses wearing as many skimpy outfits as possible. Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, as Ms. Doleman is unquestionably an attractive enough young lady, but that’s certainly not enough on which to hang an entire film. Ironically, the only effective portions of Todd Verow’s otherwise tedious “film,” happen to be the frequent and surprisingly graphic sex scenes. Surrounded as they are by so much other drab monotony, however, even these refreshingly raw and steamy interludes still aren’t enough by themselves to save the movie. Utterly pointless and every bit as rudderless as the characters themselves, “The Trouble With Perpetual Deja Vu” provides further proof that just because you can shoot a crappy, meandering Gen X piece on video and have it seen in an alternative venue, doesn’t mean you should.

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