By Tom Meek | December 11, 1999

On the heels of faith questioning flicks “Stigmata” and “Dogma,” this miracle seeker from the director of “Europa Europa” and “The Secret Garden” is more poignant and provocative, but yet the material still comes off as trumped up and hollow. The indomitable — and underrated — Ed Harris plays a Catholic priest whose job it is to validate or dispel miracles. He’s sent to investigate events surrounding a terminally ill girl, suddenly and inexplicably cured by blood from a holy statue. Can it be hand of God guided by a modern day saint? Ann Heche checks in as the unbelieving daughter of the saint-candidate and sparks a romantic cord with the purposeful priest. Harris is effusive and compelling in his credence struggle, but along the path he walks, the plot becomes muddled and as a result, it loses its — and the audience’s — way.

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