The SUPER SUPER 8 FILM FESTIVAL has joined forces with the POLYESTER PRINCE ROAD SHOW to proudly present a 2003 World Tour of Super 8 Films. What began as an experiment in traveling film, has now become a revolutionary film-watching experience with bingo, games, sing-a-longs and live music all playing part.
Paolo Davanza, curator at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, has brought together a line-up of international filmmakers and film enthusiasts that are committed to keeping Super 8 film alive and vibrant. All works in the festival originate on Super-8. Not deviating from past successes, all screenings will incorporate live musical accompaniment with select films. Bingo will be played throughout the evening and prizes will be given away.
FILMS & FILMMAKERS: ^ TINY PLANET – Jojo Hilsenrad – 5:00 minutes (Jackson, WY) ^ THE CHAD LAWLER STORY – Mike Ott –10:00 minutes (Los Angeles, CA) ^ DIRECTOR’S CUT – Matt Hulse – 3:00 minutes (Glasgow, Scotland) – LIVE MUSIC ^ COWBOY – Vanessa Micale – 4:00 minutes (San Francisco, CA) ^ WHY – Jason Harris – 3 minutes (Arleta, CA) ^ MJAMJAM – David Pfluger – 3:00 minutes (Basel, Switzerland) – LIVE MUSIC ^ COLORFUL TRAIN IN AUTUMN – Shinji Kitagawa – 12 minutes (Tokyo, Japan) ^ JOE’S IN LOVE – Satoshi Shimizu – 8 minutes (Kobe, Japan) ^ WAGARA KA GARA – Yosuke Kodani – 6 minutes (Yokohama, Japan) ^ SUPER 8 HEROES –Echo Park Kids – 5 minutes (Los Angeles, CA) ^ PICININ – Paolo Davanzo – 6 minutes (Los Angeles, CA) – LIVE MUSIC
Come check out The Super Super 8 2003 Polyester Prince Road Show at the Magnolia Lounge at Fair Park in Dallas, January 15th, 7pm. Tickets are $5.
For more information, visit the Video Association of Dallas website.

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