The first time you saw Anthony Daniels, you probably didn’t even know it. You might have even owned Anthony Daniels pajamas, or an Anthony Daniels calendar for ages without realizing that there was an actual man behind the glimmering gold plating of “Star Wars” icon C-3PO. But make no mistake — Mr. Daniels was indeed the willing thespian who donned a metal body suit in the most famous sci-fi movie of all time, and he’s got an official site to let you learn a bit more about the man behind the droid-mask.
[ The Anthony Daniels website ] exposes the true fan to all manner of C-3PO/Daniels matter. The front page lets you know what you’re in for, with Mr.Daniels, minus head-piece, in full C-3PO gear. Inside, a “personal message” from Anthony leads into the site-proper, where a new Fan Art section (only one submission so far) and Photo Galleries reside alongside an Articles area and an ever-changing Appearances calendar…next stop, Tokyo. And, if you’re feeling inquisitive, you can submit a question to the man directly via the Questions link.

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