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By Eric Campos | March 4, 2002

Will Walker is working on a “project” and he assures his mother over the phone that it will be more fruitful than that pesky novel he was writing or that band of his that never really got off the ground. To his mother, the “project” is kept secret, but to his friend and girlfriend he reveals that he is building a time machine. The bulk of the film has Will calmly explaining to his friends that he plans on going seven years into the future as a test. These conversations with his friends are charming as Will kinda seems so blasé about going into the future. It’s like he’s taking a trip to the grocery store or something.
Of course, running a time machine in your house can suck up a lot of energy, so when Will refuses entry to a guy from the power company, a detective is next to show up at his door, demanding to be let in for a look around. But Chris steps into his closet where his time machine resides and with a flash of light…well, we’re not really shown whether Will made it into the future or was just fried to a crisp in his closet, but the look on his girlfriend’s face before the credits roll gives us a pretty good idea what happened.
An amusing shot-on-digital video short that just goes to show that you don’t need a mountain of money or a flux capacitor to make a good time travel film.

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