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By Film Threat Staff | June 24, 2002

The good people at Cowboy Pictures have announced that a theatrical re-release of Akira Kurosawa’s epic film, The Seven Samurai (1953), is slated to roll out through Fall 2002/Winter 2003. The re-release will feature the first new prints of the full-length feature in decades, including completely new subtitles.
For the unfamiliar, The Seven Samurai is considered one of the most influential movies ever created, and it’s a favorite of seasoned film critics, famous director-types and rabid fans alike. The film tells the story of a band of seven fighters recruited to help save a town from attacking bandits. It was later adapted into another cinema classic in the form of the Hollywood-made Western The Magnificent Seven in 1960.
For more on the re-release of The Seven Samurai and the latest word on other titles in the Cowboy Pictures corral, stop by the official site.

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