By Admin | November 24, 2005

“The Seduction Of A Nerd” is a giddy and whimsical sex comedy with, surprisingly, little to no sex. Julie Newmar plays Mother, the owner of a waning toy company. Mother wants a new angle and finds it in a nerd named Clyde. Clyde makes finger puppets for a living, and stalks gorgeous women for relaxation.

Mother employs her obese son Skippy to see to it that Clyde comes aboard and brings his talents with him. A monetary offer ceases to faze the be-speckled goof-ball, and so an all out assault is launched in hopes of snagging their quarry. Their weapon of choice; chicks, really hot chicks.

From this point on these cheesecake cuties try their damnedest to seduce Clyde into signing Mother’s contract. It never works, and while the eye candy is nice for a while the plot and premise begins to wear thin. This thing could have easily been a fetching vignette for a nudie-cutie from the 60’s, but as an entire feature it lacks considerably, and finally bogs itself completely down.

It’s not an entire loss though as some of the gags work (it’s mostly 3 Stooges type stuff) and again the girls are really something to see. However, there’s not much here for the fairer sex as the male gender is primarily represented by the daffy Clyde and a very fat Skippy. The film was also known as “Mother,” “The Toy Grabbers,” “Up Your Teddy Bear” and “Mother Knows Best.” The swanky score by Quincy Jones is worthy of a mention as well.

Troma’s main extra feature is an interview with Julie Newmar.

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