By admin | May 25, 2011

Finally, a film that is provocative, intelligent, hilarious—and moves so swiftly, that you’re left gasping for more. On top of that, the cinematography is unusually interesting, the screenplay is outstanding, the acting is formidable, and the score is deliciously Film Noir.

Are you hooked yet?

Good. You should be. There’s a reason why Todd Berger’s “The Scenesters” won awards in 4 separate categories, at 4 different festivals—including Slamdance.

Berger’s little thriller concerns some less than admirable crime-scene videographers, a serial killer that seeks out blondes only to promptly annihilate them—and a posh reporter named Jewell (Suzanne May). Add to the recipe: an intense detective-type (Blaise Miller), a slimy film director (played by Berger, himself), and that quintessential Queen of B-flicks, Sherilyn Fenn (“Twin Peaks”)—and you have Independent Film as it’s wildly dreamed to be.

What distinguishes “The Scenesters” from others of its subtly comic-ilk are the many alarming questions it raises about movie-making, news reportage and how far people will go to acquire position and notoriety. And while Todd Berger is clearly a superior filmmaker, perhaps his greatest skills lie in his understatements, and his idealistic faith that even the most perplexed among us, will eventually find their way. That being said: do not, under any circumstances, expect romantic sappiness from this gentle, yet hardcore brainteaser.

“The Scenesters” is now thankfully available on DVD from Monterey Media.

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