Sunn Classic Pictures, which began in the 1970s in Salt Lake City creating family-oriented movies such as “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams”, “Hangar 18”, “Chariots of the Gods” has returned to the entertainment industry. The new Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. will now be headed by former TriStar Pictures founder Lang Elliott, who now serves as SCP’s Chairman, President and CEO, and former Sunn Classic Pictures head Raylan Jensen, who will now serve as SCP’s President, Worldwide Distribution.
Comedian – Actor Tim Conway will serve as Corporate Consultant of Literary Content for SCP. Conway will star in SCP’s forthcoming comedy feature, “Dorf: U.S.M.C.”
SCP’s first distribution acquisition is Master of the Game, a riveting, Hitchcockian suspense drama set in WWII about a Nazi death camp survivor (played by Uygar Aktan) who escapes to freedom after outwitting his captors in a deadly psychological game. Film is slated to open in New York in mid-November with a world charity premiere. Master of the Game also stars Garry Peters, Steven Chester Prince, Alex Affolter and David Stokey. Director is Jeff Stolhand; writer, Mr. Aktan.
The newly reborn Sunn Classic Pictures will be in the business of producing and distributing motion pictures, television programming and cable/ new medium programming. Lang Elliott said: “I’m thrilled to work with Ray Jensen in breathing new life into Sunn Classic Pictures, a company known over the years for creating quality entertainment. Our first release, ‘Master of the Game,’ is a film we are very proud to bring to moviegoers.”
Remarked Ray Jensen: “We feel the time and the market is right to return Sunn Classic Pictures. Sunn Classic will continue as a company that will distinguish itself among the independents.”

For more info, visit the Sunn Classic Pictures website.

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