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By Film Threat Staff | April 21, 2004

First announced in 1998, the first feature to be produced by Happy Cloud Pictures, the 16mm “zombie-noir”, “The Resurrection Game,” will finally hit the “big screen” on May 1, 2004 at the Pittsburgh Comicon. Garnering a huge fan base among the horror and comic book crowd due largely to “bootleg” workprint videotapes released as the filmwork progressed, “The Resurrection Game” tells the story of Jim Campbell, a former police detective hired to find the cause of the world-wide “Infestation” of the walking dead. What he discovers is a conspiracy that reaches far beyond the comparatively simple matter of a wide-spread zombie plague. Teaming up with a discredited scientist and a pair of bickering zombie exterminators, Campbell finds himself up against a multinational corporation that has every intention of keeping the secrets.
“The Resurrection Game” is the latest production to maintain a tradition of exciting zombie movies filmed in Pittsburgh (“the Zombie Capital of the World”). With equal helpings of horror and mystery, the movie proves that it can stand up next to the best of the independent, low-budget horror movies. It is only fitting that this film should be finally unveiled at the Pittsburgh Comicon, not only due to the support the filmmakers have received from the promoters and attendees over the years, but also because this year’s special guest is none other than George Romero himself!
Written and directed by film journalist Mike Watt (Cinefantastique Magazine, Film Threat, The Dark Side, Femme Fatales Magazine), “The Resurrection Game” was produced by Amy Lynn Best, Bill Homan and Mike Watt (the co-founders of Happy Cloud Pictures). It stars Ray Yeo (“One of the Living”), Kristen Pfeifer (“Bio-Phage”, “Angel”), Francis Veltri (“Were-Grrl”), Amy Lynn Best (“Severe Injuries”, “Dr. Horror’s House of Idiots”), Bill Homan (“Severe Injuries”), and features appearances by Debbie Rochon (“Nowhere Man”, “American Nightmare”) and Jasi Cotton Lanier (“Dr. Horror’s House of Idiots”, “Were-Grrl”). It boasts music by Hotel 9 (“Severe Injuries”) and Paul McCollough (“Night of the Living Dead” 1990).
“The Resurrection Game” will be shown at 9:00 PM in the Butler Room, located on the second floor of the Radisson Hotel in Monroeville. It will be immediately followed by the company’s second feature, the horror-comedy “Severe Injuries”.
For more info, visit Happy Cloud Pictures.

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