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By Chris Gore | April 6, 2007

Whenever I do any television outside of G4, I feel like I’m cheating. But I do it a lot and I know there’s nothing wrong with it. My masters at the other network will just have to deal.

Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I’ve appeared as one of the many rotating talking heads on a show on the Reelz Channel called What it Takes. I appeared on episodes discussing the careers of Sam Jackson, Drew Barrymore, Kevin Costner, Nicholas Cage, Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey as well as upcoming shows on Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. Whenever I discuss celebs, I steer clear of talking gossip because, well, I’ve never really cared. Suffice it to say that my comments tend to come from the movie geek perspective, which is all I’m any good at anyway.

This weekend I appear on the Reelz Channel Show called Dailies, which is like the nightly news for film freaks. On the seven-minute segment, host Mike Richards drills myself and AP movie critic Christy Lemire about Grindhouse and other boxoffice-related questions. I guessed the weekend boxoffice of Grindhouse to be around $45 million. But I don’t care about how much money it makes, like any decent movie geek, I’m more interested in the film’s nudity, blood and guts. You have to see Eli Roth’s trailer for Thanksgiving — it’s hilarious and brutal.

If you happen to be flipping channels this weekend, the Dailies program airs Friday and throughout the weekend on the Reelz Channel.

So for now…
Gore gone.

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