[ PART V: SEE THE VIDEO! PLUS SPIDER-MAN STUNTS PHOTO GALLERY! ] ^ [ How can we see your film? ] ^ Go to my website Alpha Dog Productions where there is a link to watch the movie. I also have pure disdain for the parasites selling my video. E-bay is largely responsible for letting this continue after they have been apprised of the situation, but anybody with any values should know better than to sell someone else’s hard work. So here’s my message to all offenders: IT AIN’T YOURS TO SELL, DICK. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF SOMETHING – GO MAKE YOUR OWN. IF YOU HAVE THE STONES TO SWING SIX STORIES UP IN COTTON GLOVES AND A SUFFOCATING MASK THEN YOU’VE EARNED THE RIGHT – IN FACT – NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT! WHAT I CREATED IS A DERIVATIVE WORK ON AN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, AND UNTIL ONE PARTY OBTAINS THE LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE OTHER – IT REMAINS UNLAWFUL TO SELL – SO KNOCK IT OFF, CRIMINALS. AND DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND THAT YOU’RE NOT ON MARVEL’S RADAR SCREEN. I AM MAKING SURE THAT THEY CATCH UP WITH YOU. I will have a “Making Of” video available for sale on my website. Anyone interested in reserving a copy can e-mail Dan Poole.
[ Special Thanks: ] Dan Poole would like to acknowledge Local Origination as well as Chris Mason at Spider-Man Hype for their roles in getting “The Green Goblin’s Last Stand” out there to the fans. Without them, hardly anybody would know of it or be able to view it on the internet. Thanks!
Now feast your eyes on these amazing exclusive photos from Dan Poole’s “The Green Goblin’s Last Stand”!
UPDATED! 11/22/2000 ^ [ EPILOGUE: THE TALE OF THE SPIDEY TAPE ] ^ What started this story was the gift of a strange, underground video on my birthday. After the interview ran, I received this letter from Nora Zuckerman, who tells me the tale of how she got the tape and how it made its way into my hands. ^ – CG
Amazing Dan Poole Interview! ^ Dear Chris, ^ I just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a kick it was to log on to your website and see an interview with Dan Poole. In an odd way, it is because of me that you saw the video – I passed it on to Arthur (Borman) and he gave it to you (he’s dating my sister). I have had the tape for a few years, and it was a huge staple of my film school days (I went to USC for screenwriting) and it got us through many mood-enhanced nights…. So I thought I would fill you in on the tape’s origins to satisfy any curiosity. ^ My then-and-current boyfriend, Andrew, was interning at Gale Anne Hurd’s company one slavish summer and was told to throw out a bunch of old videotapes. Among these tapes were several hidden treasures like effects reels and one tape entirely made up of dog-attack scenes from the oft-forgotten B-masterpiece “Man’s Best Friend”, but the one that Andrew was lucky to save was Dan Poole’s film The Green Goblin’s Last Stand. Thinking it may have been an episode from the old TV series, he brought it home instead of dumping it in the Paramount dumpster. What a guy (no wonder we’re still together). We were as blown away as you were when we first saw it. Now, I am just a film geek girl with little comic book experience to draw on, but anybody who has tried to make a movie can appreciate this film. Man, the PAssION is just overwhelming! And some of the shots are mind-boggling! My personal favorite might be the final rooftop overhead shot of Spiderman crawling toward Gwen…heartbreaking. ^ Anyway, after college all our friends were living in different parts of town and Andrew and I were getting more and more pressure to lend the tape out. We knew, with the kind of slackers we hang with, that we would never see the tape again. So I went and actually got a bunch of dubs made and even put the cute little covers together (yes, I am currently unemployed). The original cover is in color, you should get one from Mr. Poole. So, a few tapes went to Arthur, as he is a True Believer in Poole. I am thrilled that one got to you. ^ We spent many a night back in the hood at USC wondering where Dan Poole was, what he was doing now, and how the hell he didn’t kill himself making that movie! Every so often we would search the internet for signs of Poole, but we never found anything. ^ You, Mr. Gore, have satisfied YEARS of curiosity. ^ Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ^ All the very best, ^ Nora Zuckerman
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