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By Eric Campos | March 19, 2005

Man, you really can’t have classic, never before seen footage of The Ramones playing in your film and have that film suck at the same time. Well, you can, but you’d really have to be squeezing hard to pinch a turd of a movie.

No turd here. “The Ramones and I” is one filmmaker’s short, but sweet tribute to the Ramones as he details what the band was all about and what they meant to him. He does so in a monologue that runs over that classic Ramones footage I just mentioned, as well as footage of the filmmaker, Rusty Nails, during his own early pinhead days. It’s a loving tribute and no matter how many times someone climbs on top of a mountain a screams their greatness, you still can’t believe that a band that amazing existed.

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