Finally, a short film that delivers on its title. No clever obfuscation here, just an angry leper railing against his recently deceased Uncle Francis, who it seems was somewhat less than generous in his will, so now it’s up to the titular leper (who looks like Shrek would if he really let himself go) to spew forth a laundry list of complaints against the poor dead guy while various humorous photos materialize in the background. The leper also treats the audience to numerous unmentionable noises which, combined with his warty countenance, make for a truly authentic leprous experience – or at least as authentic as you’re going to get outside of Devil’s Island.
And then his nose falls off. That’s a lot of entertainment for two minutes.
One can only assume creator Aaron Sutherland intends this to be the first in a series of CGI shorts. Future offering may even include such titles as “The Raging Leper: Oliver’s Story” or “The Raging Leper: Mission to Moscow.” Perhaps each subsequent chapter will feature a different portion of the leper’s anatomy falling off, until nothing is left but a few warts sitting in a puddle of goo. Collect them all in a boxed set and you’d have a true cinematic opus.

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