It may be 29 years of non-stop smiling, beige pantyhose, and screaming, jumping contestants, but 29 years with “The Price is Right,” the longest-running game show in the history of television, is exactly what Janice Pennington will be remembered for. The co-hostess with the mostest will see her final show broadcast on [ December 13th ] on CBS.
Worried about what’ll keep Janice busy in her new down-time? She’s already penned a New York Times best-selling true story entitled “Husband, Lover, Spy” and is involved with the Hollywood Film Festival. If you’re the one with spare time on your hands, then pay a visit to the creepy-yet-fun [ “Price is Right” Swimsuit Page ] for a look at Janice and other “Price” lovelies in action on the show.

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