By Amy Scott | October 9, 2001

We all know that stink bugs can stink… but tell me, can they love? This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages. We, as people of a curious nature, have often wondered what are the secrets of heterosexual bug romance? What parallels can we draw amongst ourselves? What can they teach us? Auteur Benjamin Goldman answers these questions. And he answers them up good.
“The Pickle Jar” is a quirky romantic short about bug-love. Great art direction, hilarious story, all while blending stop animation and real-life actors flawlessly. Everything you are looking for in a talking bug based romantic comedy. Visually, the short is brilliant. The bugs animation is so smooth you will never look at a stink bug in the same way again. The jokes pop one after another and the ending is something you aren’t expecting at all. This is a true work of art. Benjamin Goldman is a patient, patient man and a real artist.

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