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By Eric Campos | June 11, 2004

Huh? What? Whazat? Whatsomebuttinmahjeans? These are the words of stone cold confusion from the mouths of many a pot head. It’s also the reaction of this truly bizarre film that may scare even the stoniest of stoners.

It’s a simple premise and one that’s geared to make partiers all over the world stand up and cheer. Just watch that bongwater, junior! “The Passion of the Reefer” tells the story of dealers Crackerdust and Weaver who have such a tremendous passion for the reefer that they have made it their life’s mission to provide Los Angeles with the best weed possible. This means mingling with the oddest of characters and even going overseas to smuggle back bud so kind that many think it only exists in tall tales.

Yes, it’s a simple and party friendly premise, but I think the filmmakers had more on their minds than just making another “Half Baked.” What John Frady and crew have managed to capture here is what life must really…not be like…but feel like…massive paranoia and uncomfortable situations as these two characters bounce from one unexpected scenario to the next, high on their own stash most of the time. The film starts out feeling very distant and disjointed and to tell you the truth, I didn’t care for it. But as it progressed, the contact high that I absorbed from what was going on sucked me right in. Match the bad drug trip feel of this film with interesting performances by the two leads, Brett Moses and Jeff Bennett, and I was sold. “The Passion of the Reefer” is definitely unique and it’s definitely an acquired taste. But not long after you get to see Bridget the Midget snap a few beefy bongloads, you start to ease into this euphoric adventure that’s as funny as it is uncomfortable. “The Passion of the Reefer” is kinda like the “Slacker” of trippy drug films.

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