By Doug Brunell | October 4, 2008

I’m sure I’m not the only viewer who thought of this movie as “Ghost” for guys. It has similar themes but they are handled in such a cool way that you can’t help but appreciate what the filmmakers have done here.

The story is simple. Sam (Nathan Mobley) is killed and goes to Hell for a deed we don’t yet know about. He escapes only to find that the love of his life is missing and some armed demons named Reapers are trying to send him back to where he just left. Soon he teams up with some other escapees in an attempt to solve the mystery of his missing loved one.

The action and stunts are well executed for a low budget film, and the twists keep coming (though don’t always make the most sense). The special effects are fairly decent as well, and the acting could be a lot worse. It’s also readily apparent that everyone connected to this film cared and did their utmost to make it the best film possible under tight financial conditions (had this been a big budget feature and was cleaned up a bit in places story-wise, this would be in the top five for grosses its opening weekend).

The end result of all their hard work is a film that is fun, exciting, great for dates, and has enough plot to keep even jaded viewers like myself watching out of sheer interest. It’s not scary, but this one doesn’t have to be to keep things interesting.

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