By Admin | May 4, 1998

1998 is the year of Christina Ricci’s breasts. This film, “Buffalo 66” and probably a couple of others focus so much attention on them, they almost have speaking parts. Maybe now that she’s 18, we’ll eventually get to see them. Ricci is our narrator, Dedee Truitt, Alabama white trash unhindered by morals, but not smart enough to completely BS her way through life. She tries, though, as she moves to Indiana, home of her long lost much older brother, Bill (Martin Donovan), a gay schoolteacher who inherited a fortune from his dead lover, whose sister, Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), practically runs his life. Dedee convinces Bill’s new lover, Matt (Ivan Sergei), to have sex with her. She promptly winds up pregnant, and convinces Matt to empty Bill’s safety deposit box, and run off with her to L.A. Then, the real fun begins.
Writer/director Don Roos has made a film to explore the different ramifications of sex. If you consider sex to normally be an act that brings people closer together, Roos demonstrates “The Opposite” which drives the characters apart. Luckily, this setup is funny instead of preachy. I call it “The Best “Friends” Related Movie” I, uh, saw in April.

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