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By Jamie Tipps | September 3, 2007

I, for one, am happy to see Ryan Reynolds moving into substantive films. Don’t get me wrong, I love “Van Wilder,” especially when I have a beer in my hand. And “Blade Trinity”? The man can kick a*s and crack wise at the same time. But somewhere along the way (probably “Amityville Horror”), I suspected that he might have the acting chops for serious roles.

Lo and behold, he does. “The Nines,” written and directed by John August, is broken into three different segments and stars Reynolds in three different roles. In “The Prisoner,” Reynolds plays a television star who goes on a bender and ends up under house arrest. “Reality Television” places him in the role of an effeminate writer of a prime time drama, and in “Knowing,” he assumes the character of a video-game designer and family man. Hope Davis and Melissa McCarthy costar, and as Reynolds’ scenario alters, they too switch roles. When each segment begins, the world is stable, but as bizarre events unfold, normalcy soon dissolves. Reynold’s character—in his various incarnations—struggles to make sense of things while Davis and McCarthy seem to have hidden agendas.

This movie is metaphysical fun, and while some elements are predictable, it’s an engaging mystery. Some scenarios and combinations are more interesting than others, but each fits together in the over-arching theme. Reynolds gets to stretch in these roles, and Davis and McCarthy lend solid support. McCarthy, in particular, is imminently watchable and shares a great chemistry with Reynolds when paired onscreen.

All in all, congratulations, Mr. Reynolds, on choosing to do “The Nines” over “Van Wilder 2.” Wise choice, sir, wise choice.

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