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By David Finkelstein | June 30, 2006

This lovely music video is an abstract setting of the eponymous song by The Feverfew. The visual design, more or less steady throughout, is an 8 by 8 grid of identical images, created from footage of a single flame, and reflected symmetrically within each square of the grid. The image of the flame has been drastically slowed down, so that it changes in time with the underlying pulse of the music. It has also been softened, making it resemble a charcoal drawing. The result is a fairly abstract image which nevertheless maintains the essential feeling of a flame, married to the rhythm of the song. At key points in the song, the grid and the flames momentarily grow larger.

The song is a heartfelt tune about the momentary flareup of love, sung by a single female voice with guitar. Tyc’s video uses extremely simple, but carefully and thoughtfully realized imagery to match the mood and rhythm of the song, creating a meditative mood piece which enhances the music without in any way competing with it.

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