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By Brian Bertoldo | November 15, 1999

A crazed, professional subway passenger terrorizes a fellow passenger whom he thinks is Matthew Broderick. What follows is an absolute nightmare to anyone who has ever taken public transportation. If you’ve ever lived in a city that has a subway system you know the awkward feeling of riding late at night with only one other passenger in your car. The Night Ferris Bueller Died addresses what happens when that other person is some deranged weirdo.
It’s 1 am and Randy Mitchell (Trevor Murphy) is on his way home via New York’s subway system. He finds himself on a car with only two other passengers, a passed out vagrant (Barry Schæfer) and a freak who strikes up a conversation with him. As Randy tries to ignore the man, it becomes apparent that this stranger thinks Randy is Matthew Broderick. The stranger, Luke (Dan Settani) becomes enraged as Randy tells him that he is not the famous actor. The situation rapidly turns violent as Luke erupts into a psychotic rampage; effectively taking Randy hostage on the train. What follows is a nightmarish scenario in which Luke completely unravels and Randy must either play along with his delusion or face a grisly death.
Set primarily in a subway car, The Night Ferris Bueller Died manages to provide enough drama and tension as to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

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