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By Film Threat Staff | October 24, 2003

The New York City Horror Film Festival has announced a special addition to its official program: two sneak preview screenings of “IN MY SKIN,” a radical exploration of a young woman’s transgressive fascination with her own body. “IN MY SKIN” is the feature film debut of writer/director/star Marina de Van, best known as a frequent collaborator with François Ozon for whom she has co-written (“Under the Sand,” “8 Women”) and acted.
Esther (Marina de Van) is an attractive, thirtyish research analyst. She seems happy with her new job and is thinking of settling down with her current boyfriend. One night, while taking a stroll in a dark garden, she falls down and gashes her leg. At first she doesn’t make much of it, but soon her preoccupation with the wound leads her to an obsession with her flesh. Increasingly unhinged–leading to situations of perverse dark humor–Esther seems determined to continue her compulsion until the removal from her own body is complete.
The screenings will take place Midnight Saturday 10/25 & Halloween Friday 10/31 at the Village East Theatre, 181 2nd Ave (@ 12th St.).
For more info, visit the New York City Horror Film Festival website.

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