Every January, Park City, Utah is taken over by alternative film festivals seeking attention. Generally they’re simply screenings put on by filmmakers rejected from Sundance, Slamdance and No Dance and they just want an audience to see their films. Past years have seen the emergence of “festivals” like LapDance, SlamDunk, TromaDance, DigiDance, SlumDance, SoulDance, SchmoozeDance, Son of Sam Dance, FreshFest and about 15 others. Most fall apart after their first year, but others, like TromaDance and LapDance return to Park City to inflict more cinematic crimes on the populace.
Well, this year is no different. $umDance’s clever logo indicates that they are dedicated to filmmakers in pursuit of the all-mighty buck. Will $umDance be invading Park City this year? Not likely. Film Threat sniffed out this hoax right away. The $umDance logo, put together by some internet pranksters, is a fake. The hooligans who created it had hoped to fool some into believing that filmmakers would actually be greedy. Oh. Wait. Ha! Nice try. $umDance will not be the last phony fest we’re likely to see.
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