“The Neutrino Project” is a unique film experience. A large cast of performers fills the stage at the beginning of the show, and unlike the beginning of most films, a suggestion is solicited. But then something even more unique happens–the camera crews and actors race out of the theatre. The audience is treated to a quick explanation of the show and what they are about to see by the remaining camera crew and performers and then they, too, leave the theater. The lights dim, and a movie begins.
This is where the magic for the audience begins—the movie stars the performers they just saw, is set in the neighborhood surrounding the theater, and is based on the suggestion they were just given. Through the use of multiple cameras crews and split second timing, “The
Neutrino Project” creates an hour-long movie experience in the time it takes the audience to watch it.
The performances by the cast in real time, in real locations on video, allows them a realism and immediacy very different from that possible in traditional film or theatre. But the audience also has the thrill of realizing that this movie is being created around them in real time, with the sense of involvement that engenders.
The Neutrino Project was inspired by Neutrino, a group based at The
Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. The show (which they called “Neutrino: the Video Project”) debuted at the UCB Theater in a 22-minute format. FuzzyCo co-producers Fuzzy Gerdes and Shaun Himmerick saw Neutrino perform The Video Project in New York and were blown away by the inventive nature of the show and the high quality of the work. FuzzyCo immediately sought, and gained, permission to produce a version of the show in Chicago. With plenty of helpful advice from the New York group, FuzzyCo produced two preview performances of “The Neutrino Project” at the WNEP Theater in September 2002. With only word-of-mouth advertising the second preview show was sold out.
The star-studded cast features Sean Cusick, Becky Eldridge, Lillie Frances, Shaun Himmerick, Lance Hoffman, Dan Izzo, Jen Ellison, Elizabeth McNaughton, Beth Melewski, Phillip Mottaz, Jen Shepard and Andrea Swanson. The talented camera crew is composed of Adam Devlin-Brown, Greg Inda, Cesar Jamie and Mike Starcevich. The show is directed by Fuzzy Gerdes.
FuzzyCo will open “THE NEUTRINO PROJECT” on Saturday, January 4, 2003 at 10:30 pm at the WNEP Theater (3209 N Halsted) and will run Saturdays at 10:30 pm thru February 1, 2003. Reservations are available by calling the WNEP theatre box office at (773) 296-1100.
For more information, visit the FuzzyCo website.

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