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By Eric Campos | January 18, 2003

Goddamn what a boring movie! We’re talking the Chinese sleeping pill here. It sounded like it was going to be interesting – in a culture where the government bans ownership of guns for the public, a police officer wakes up one morning to find that his police issue piece is missing. Not only is it an embarrassing situation, this is kinda like a computer programmer losing his computer, but it also means that there’s a good chance that a citizen is wandering around with a lethal weapon. This possibility becomes a reality when a woman turns up dead, shot in the chest with the officer’s missing gun. Nope, didn’t sound too bad to me at all.
The movie even starts immediately with the officer waking up to find his gun missing. But then things just get slower and slower as he interrogates a list of people who may have taken the gun from him while he was in a drunken state. It’s charming at first, but try and imagine watching someone tear apart their house for an hour, looking for something they’ve lost. That’s not very entertaining at all.
Not even when the dead girl shows up does this yawner pick up the pace, on the contrary, it seems to slow down even more. And when you finally find out who this gun stealing, girl killing dirtbag is, you really don’t care, not just because you’ve been lulled into a deep sleep for the past two hours, but because it’s not exciting at all who the killer turns out to be. It’s like, “Oh, that guy did it. Great! Is this thing over yet?”
I gotta admit I nodded off a couple times just for a few seconds. I couldn’t help it; my eyes were rebelling against this movie. What sucks is that I was sitting at the front of a rather small screening room, so whenever I nodded off, I’m sure everyone behind me got a good eyeful of me jerking back awake. How embarrassing…at least until I got on the shuttle back to the Film Threat condo and heard someone talking about how they fell asleep after the first ten minutes of the flick. Great! It wasn’t just me being a sleepy bastard, nor was it all this Coors Light flowing through my system. That’s right, I said Coors Light, so what of it?

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