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By Rory L. Aronsky | June 12, 2006

If McDonald’s’s worldwide marketing power joined forces with major religions, the universe would undoubtedly implode, but not before director Benjamin Hershleder and writer Rik Swartzwelder have their way with something that religious leaders would probably consider if they found themselves losing money for whatever reason. After all, anything can be soothed and improved with money, especially if McDonalds is attached.

The notion here is that Jesus can become more marketable by being part of the McPassion meal that includes many versions, such as the McLoaves and Fishsticks meal. “All you can eat,” a little girl exclaims. “While supplies last,” the booming narrator voice intones. Games such as, “Hang the Noose on Judas” are included as well as toys that allow kids to become sadists-in-training, all in good fun, with safe cat-o-nine tales and a version of the famous cross for kids to carry on their own backs. All of this good fun is at times a bit too obvious as the parental actors overplay their gleeful faces, and major religions and McDonalds already have powerful marketing tools in all aspects of their businesses, though it’s true that parents don’t mind what their kids get into as long as safe products are used. That’s the most telling and smart observation of all that’s shown.

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