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By Brad Wilke | September 22, 2008

“The Maxwell Multiple Climax” isn’t really a movie. It’s actually a sexual education video intended to instruct the male viewer in the art of the multiple orgasm.

I can’t vouch for its credibility as a sexual aid (though the method is based on what seems like legitimate research and the website features numerous glowing testimonials from both medical professionals and average Joes), but as far as its merits as a video go…it’s a helluva a lot of fun to watch.

Hosted by Brandon Maxwell (who also directed, wrote and produced it), the tutorial takes the form of a vibrant lecture on sexual technique, featuring animated sequences, humorous sight gags, old film clips, lots of nudity (though no actual sex) and a well-produced soundtrack of original music created specifically for the video. Shot on Super16mm and then mastered in HD, the colors are bright and the images are crisp. Much of it is tongue-in –cheek, which adds a sense of playfulness to what would normally be (and traditionally has been) the not very entertaining genre of sex education videos. Most importantly, though, if someone purchased this video to learn how to achieve multiple male orgasms, I think they’d have a pretty good shot at it.

Also, in what I’m sure is a first, the DVD contains deleted scenes, a director’s commentary(!) and a special bonus feature entitled “Foreplay 101”.

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