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By Film Threat Staff | October 17, 2000

Fans have been hungering for the true story, the real nitty gritty, ever since way back in 1977 when those epic words bellowed from a darkened movie screen…”Far, far beyond the vastness of the vast…”
Sound familiar-ish? “Star Saga: Inside the Making of the ‘Star Saga’ Saga” is the ultimate behind-the-scenes satire for the best sci-fi movie never made. Says “Saga” creator/genius Jim Loomis:
“You have to understand that Hollywood in the ’70s was the white-hot center of revolutionary activity. Nobody in the world was more revolutionary. Nobody. Okay, maybe Nicaragua, because they were having an actual revolution, weren’t they? And I guess El Salvador too. And Iran was, what, ’79? But in their own way, the films that were coming out during that time —- “Gangland,” “Let it Ride,” “Ragnorok Now” -— they changed people’s perceptions of the world. That’s the truest kind of revolution there can be. Unless you want to count Cambodia, of course.”
Go to [ Modern Humorists’s “Star Saga” site ] and get the full story, plus script pages, a storyboard, and yes…even disco remixes.

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