By Admin | November 15, 2003

You won’t realize how brilliant this film is until you hit the credits. (It should also be noted that the credits don’t list who played what role, so you’re on your own trying to figure that out.) What starts out as an amateurish crime noir (complete with all the clichés and bad acting we’ve come to expect in such an effort) soon evolves into something that I won’t give away for fear of ruining this work of art. That makes writing a review of “The Long Walk Home” more than a bit difficult.
If you were ever interested in viewing a movie that subtly transforms into something other than what it started out as, this is the film for you. If you watch it, however, you’re going to think I’m an idiot for recommending it … until you get about two thirds of the way through, and then you’ll realize the brilliance behind this short masterpiece. The changes this movie makes happen so seamlessly and were handled so well that I almost fell for it and turned the movie off before its proper conclusion. Don’t make the same mistake. Stick around. If you have any appreciation for intelligent lowbrow films, you’ll love it.

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