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“I checked into a hotel in Cincinnati and prepared to retire for the night, thinking about what to say on the phone. I realized I needed to get something out of the car. The boyfriend is sitting on the bed watching ‘Cops’. I head out only to find six guns pointed at me. It was surreal. I thought I just stepped onto the set of ‘Cops’.

“As the police start screaming, my natural reaction was to slam the door. I quickly turned to the boyfriend and said, ‘NOW what am I supposed to do?’ He just says, ‘I guess open the door.’

“So I opened the door.

“Within seconds, they start their onslaught of screaming and I (immediately) told them what they thought was going on was not actually happening. Then, of course, they separate us to see if our stories match. Two of the six cops take the boyfriend back in the room. Four of them surround me. Hmmm….what is wrong with that picture? I would think out of the two of us, he has to be more of a threat. But I hear not a sound coming from the hotel room, that is when I can hear anything (beyond) the screaming they were doing at me.

“I was taken around the side of the hotel, and I was calmly standing there. They just kept screaming and screaming. Now all this does is bring in a little post-traumatic stress syndrome out in me, because I had dealt with a bit of domestic violence in my mid-twenties. So when put in that type position I want to do either one of two things: 1.) run (which was not an option unless I wanted to be shot); or 2.) tell them whatever it is they want to hear. They seemed so mad at me that I was not kidnapped, so all I could do was tell them I was.

“I had no sleep for days, a serious headache that had lasted two days, and they brought out my post-traumatic stress. Most people may have reacted worse if put in the situation I had been placed in. I was not kidnapped but I might as well have been.

“Anyway, the boyfriend’s inside and told them (the kidnapping) was fake, they believe him and then yell at me saying I’m a ‘f*****g liar’. I told them ‘yes, that’s the truth’, but then they keep right on screaming ‘tell us the truth!’ The truth was already out…what else did they want?

“At this point, I was already being sexually harassed, as well as (having) them making improper religous comments. Some things they said included, ‘I can’t wait for the strip search.’ About going to the jail: ‘They are going to have a field day with her. They’ll think she is the prettiest thing they have ever seen’. They were also screaming that we were ‘both going to prison for twenty-five years’. They asked me, ‘Are you one with Jesus?’ ‘Are you on the right path?’ (I so desperately wanted to say, ‘No, 75 South is the right path’).

“Since they are already talking about taking me to jail, I ask what is going to happen to my bunny. My bunny Serena was on the trip with me. So they are screaming – mind you right after the religious comments – that, ‘They don’t give a f**k about a bunny!’ I told them they should, it’s a living creature. They said, ‘Well, we don’t.’ They asked what I did for a living. Once they knew I was in b-movies they translated that to mean porn. Then they place me in the police car and said they are taking me to jail, but are only going to ticket the boyfriend and let him go back to the hotel. What is wrong here?

“I told the police not very much because that is always wise when you don’t have a lawyer present. They were all awaiting a call to see if the client would press charges for extortion (because when boyfriend was on the phone, of course, he mentioned money or it would not have sounded like a real kidnapping). But while we were sitting there, the cops were all sort of waiting and talking shop. The female cop said, ‘I wish we would have gotten our tasers in. We could have used them on them.’ Now I was in no way resisting. It would have been totally improper for them to have used them.

“When the call came in that the client would not be pressing charges, I thought the cops were going to cry. I had to then tell the one guy, ‘You don’t know me, you really have no idea what exactly is actually going on here, why would you want to do that?’ I knew they were probably going through the personal effects in the hotel room, which I knew would only make matters worse. Mind you, they knew the kidnapping was fake and there really is no probable cause for anything like a search. But they did it anyway and without permission. They used the excuse that they were getting a cell phone out of my purse that belonged to the client (because the client gave it to me). This info I later got from the boyfriend when searching my bunny’s bag. They tried to at first say her hay was pot!

“Then, while in my purse, they found my gun.

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