Chances are you spent your hard-earned money last weekend at a screening of “Charlie’s Angels,” but the sensitive golf period drama “The Legend of Bagger Vance” has still got enough star power to inspire “The Legend of Bagger Dance — Bigger and Bagger”. This MP3 features lyrical stylings like:
[ That’s right, Big Willie’s back ^ On track, down at the caddyshack ^ Like Chevy Chase, but look at my face ^ You know the deal, I’m of a different race ^ Happy like Gilmore ^ Now I can chill more ^ I made some bad movies and—oops—there’s still more. ^ Puff Daddy of caddies, authentic swing ^ So hit the links, and lemme hear you sing. ]
Hear the song for yourself, and check out the lyrics, at [ the ModernHumorist website. ]

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