By Eric Campos | January 2, 2003

This film makes The Fast and the Furious look like “The Fast and the Pretty Angry.” It’s just as gorgeously shot and the only thing missing is the Hollywood crime story and glitzy special effects, but this winds up helping “The Last Race” in giving it more credibility. You believe that these characters are actual street racers. You don’t have people like Vin Diesel and Ja Rule wandering around breaking the illusion.
Golden boy street racer Rob is bummed that his girlfriend is leaving town for school, a girlfriend that doesn’t approve of how he spends his time racing his life away. So this tension builds between them as Rob heads off to the races, with his girlfriend not far behind, to go head up with a couple of his biggest challengers.
More than a lesson on the dangers of street racing with some cheesy moral, “The Last Race” instead stands as a pretty accurate depiction of how these street races go. It’s an answer to The Fast and the Furious that says, “This is how it’s done.” This is clearly a film made by street racers for street racers.

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