By Christopher Curry | October 31, 2005

Luigi Cozzi’s foray into the world of feature filmmaking was a bit of an unexpected surprise. The paint-by-numbers formula for one of Italy’s most popular cinematic exports (the Giallo) usually had the theatergoer on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the assailant’s identity. “The Killer Must Kill Again” has no such thing happening. No mystery at all.

In fact, it is immediately revealed just who the murderer is, and we switch from being an innocent movie watcher to that of a voyeur with a guilty pleasure. It may not be easy for some to accept, but the fact remains that some of us humans have a passion, bordering on the obscene, for observing gristly acts of violence. Whether from the safety of a theater seat or the comfy couch within our own homes, horror/thriller movie fans can and probably always will be fascinated with the bloodletting taboo. Generally speaking, the bloodier the killing, the better – and that’s exactly what we get here, one imbrued onslaught after another.

Suspense aside, Cozzi’s 1975 exploiter still has all of the elements that make for a rousing Giallo: gruesome deaths, lavish photography, topless chicks, sets bathed in colored lighting, a swanky Jazz score and an almost incomprehensible narrative.

Par for the course Mondo Macabro have jammed this thing full of extras including: a documentary, interview, trailers, audio commentary and an image gallery.

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