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By Eric Campos | December 3, 2007

If you’ve ever been walking down the street and you hear someone yell, “Hey, Jesus,” then you either need to get a haircut, hippie, or you’re about to cross paths with What’s Your Name. No, I’m not being a lazy movie reviewer – What’s Your Name is what this “Jesus Guy” prefers to go by. He refuses to give out his birth name, or any other personal information for that matter. What’s Your Name roams the Earth, shaggy, barefoot, clad in a white robe and carrying a Bible, preaching the word of The Lord to anyone who will stop and talk to him and there are numerous people that do as What’s Your Name has a very Jesus-like appearance, as well as a mild-mannered presence. People are drawn to him and for some, it’s like they’re talking to Jesus himself. Of course, there are others who are offended by his appearance, angry because they think he’s trying to be Christ. And then some just think he’s a weirdo and they pay him no mind. This documentary intends to clear some of the confusion by giving us a look at, not really who What’s Your Name is, but what he’s about.

Very little narration is offered in “The Jesus Guy”, instead filmmaker Sean Tracey has us hit the road with What’s Your Name, joining him on his adventures of peace and holiness. Through his interactions with others and through on-the-road interviews with the man, the viewer is allowed to discover what What’s Your Name is about instead of being told and that is simply to just spread the Good Word. He’s an intelligent, sane person who doesn’t believe he’s Jesus, nor does he want to give anyone that idea. He’s just living a lifestyle that is very Christlike.

As we get deeper into the film, we start hearing from people who have shared more than a brief encounter with the man, people who have taken him in and shared their lives with him. We start to see a different side to What’s Your Name and in the end, we realize what we should realize the whole time, that he’s just a normal dude. Okay, so he cruises around on foot through all kinds of weather conditions, he’s still a very normal, well-spoken guy. He just happens to be all about Jesus and he’s totally cool about it with anyone he comes across.

It’s gotta be rough making a documentary on someone who refuses to give any personal details about himself, which probably explains the short running time of 66 minutes, but when it is all said and done, you do have a good handle on what What’s Your Name’s deal is. You understand that he’s a not a dangerous wacko, but rather an admirable man who has problems and faults just like the rest of us, but who uses his great determination to help rise above them.

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