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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 9, 2003

Crikey! Steve Irwin, that half-crazed, dangerous animal-loving guy known as the Crocodile Hunter has been parodied, courtesy of Boba Fett (Brian Boling in costume, Jimmy Burns voicing him). He’s on the hunt for Jedi, with the gracious help of his wife Terri Fett (Heather Harris), who introduces us to some of Boba’s greatest captures.
Within the time span of this short, references to Shaft and The Princess Bride pop up, but it gets even better than that. It’s clear that this short has a great script and the idea of parodying the Crocodile Hunter seems like it was certainly long in the making. Let’s face it; it had to happen sooner or later and John E. Hudgens, along with his band of creative people, have done great things with that idea, even going so far with actor Jimmy Burns giving Fett an Australian accent, just like Irwin.
The captures are terrific as Fett shows one Jedi what a real light-saber looks like and even allows Yoda to live because he’s certainly too fast for him. The effects are very well done and comic gold has been struck with this concept. Jedi are certainly dangerous creatures, and it’s lucky that Boba is on the case with that, but it’s even luckier for you that it’s available for viewing. So slap a Jedi on the Barbie and take a look at this little number!

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