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By Phil Hall | December 4, 2007

Hey, how would you like to see Sylvester Stallone naked? Well, you are in luck! A restored version of Sly’s 1970 X-rated movie “Italian Stallion” is now on DVD.

Six years before he ran up those stairs in Philadelphia to Bill Conti’s music, Stallone appeared in a quickie porno film called “Party at Kitty and Stud’s.” Stallone didn’t take the role to advance his career – he was a broke actor and needed the $200 for the role. The film itself was never released and remained forgotten until “Rocky” came out – hence the movie’s title.

And what does the audience get for Stallone’s $200 gig? Basically, it is a standard-issue early 70s skin flick: Stallone and his on-screen squeeze (a somewhat ghastly-looking woman named Henrietta Holm) have sex in a bathtub, on a bed, and with other swingers in the living room of their Manhattan apartment. Stallone also flexes his muscles in the mirror and whips Holm with his belt, though he barely seems to be hitting her despite the orgiastic shrieks on the soundtrack. The film ends with the naked cast dancing in a circle (which really must be seen to be believed).

Yes, it is a silly movie that’s more absurd than erotic. But fans of Stallone and 70s X-rated movies may get a kick out this cheery curio.

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  1. Baby says:

    I want this so bad!”

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