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By Anthony Miele | February 4, 2001

“The Invisible Circus” stars Christopher Eccleston and “sisters” Cameron Diaz and Jordana Brewster. Here is the first GIANT leap of faith. We are immediately told to accept that the same parental units whose loins created Cameron Diaz also spawned the olive skinned, black-haired stunner that is Brewster? Sadly, this little miscasting job is the least of the film’s problems.
Phoebe (Brewster) is another incredibly hot girl who has no friends, no social life and no boyfriend. She is going through her mid-teen crisis when she suddenly gets the genius idea, apparently from her dead artist father (Patrick Bergin), to follow the footsteps of her inexcusably ditzy sister, Faith (Diaz). We later learn that Faith committed suicide somewhere in Europe under presumably questionable circumstances and that Phoebe can not seem to get her dumb sisters bizarre death out of her head.
She sets off to Europe and almost immediately runs into her sister’s boyfriend Wolf (Eccleston). He now lives in a nice apartment with an amazing girlfriend, all of which he drops at the first sight of his almost sister-in-law. They prance all around the beautiful towns and countrysides, never really doing anything, until the sex kicks in. Unfortunately by the time the uninspiring finale occurs the audience is completely lost in boredom and longing for the credits.
“The Invisible Circus” is similar to a bad piece of pornography, all foreplay with absolutely no climax. The entire two hours is spent re-living unintelligent decisions, torrid sexual situations between the lecherous former beau and the young, nubile sister and beautiful European cities. While the sex scenes are steamy, the film plods along with a pace that would make a snail squirm. And to top it off, it contains some of the most contrived, male fantasy sequences created since Russ Meyer was coherent.

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