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By Chris Gore | July 28, 2000

Nobody that I’ve ever heard of stars in “The In Crowd,” a story about a bunch of rich jerks who get what they deserve. We meet some Blonde chick with a violent history who has just been released from a mental hospital. Which to me, explains a helluva a lot. Her doctor gets her a job at his country club. As a cabana girl, the blonde chick meets a lot of new and interesting rich pricks. Denise Richards must have been unavailable, so this brunette that kind of looks like her befriends the Blonde chick.
The Blonde chick and the Brunette chick begin as friends and then become rivals. Not just rivals, they’re like, really, really mad at each other.
Of course, murder becomes a part of the game and the film devolves into a kind of cheesy Fatal Attraction. At times, watching this movie felt like a porn film without the hardcore scenes. And the least entertaining thing I can think of is an adult film without the sex.
“The In Crowd” might have been a great film to watch on late night cable, you know, alone, with just yourself and a box of kleenex. But the PG-13 rating means that the brief shots of obviously implant-enhanced boobs didn’t really leave any room for the sex scenes the film seemed to be begging for. In fact, there’s a perfect set up for a lesbian relationship between the two rivals that never pays off.
There was no advance screening for this movie, so I actually had to pay to see this one myself. Don’t make my mistake, because I’ll never see that eight dollars ever again!

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