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By Film Threat Staff | October 5, 2000

The hunt is on in Spumco’s joyous “Weekend P***y Hunt”…their latest RealCartoon adventure featuring a sweet and silly p***y, as in cat, and all of his mis-adventures with the Spumco gang. Guaranteed to be more fun than whatever you’re doing right now, which is reading this.
The latest “Hunt” episode marks installment #10 for the series, but fret not if you are new to the Spumco scene: every single other episode is ready and waiting for you. As the site suggests, you might need to register with [ Icebox ] for maxium smoothness in your viewing experience. While at the Spumco site, also look into the Spumco Cartoon Magazine and the official chat area. All of this and more await at the [ Spumco website. ]

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