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By Film Threat Staff | July 4, 2002

Zombies have been running rampant across gaming consoles for the past several years with games like “Resident Evil”, “Silent Hill” and “House of the Dead”. Last March, those very same zombies began invading movie theaters with the release of Paul Anderson’s lukewarm Resident Evil. Now, a movie based on Sega shooter “House of the Dead” is being produced, directed by Uwe Boll (“German Fried Movie”) and written by Mark Altman (Free Enterprise).

The game, which is about to have its third chapter released for the Xbox, has the player take control of a secret agent as you’re pulled into a creepy old mansion overrun with zombies and various other creatures. Good thing you’re equipped with a big gun and an everlasting supply of ammo. It’s a mindless shooter for sure, but a fun one at that. So, how do you transform something that’s simply about non-stop mass slaughter? Well, I guess this is one way to go about it.

A band of college students go to a rave on a mysterious island and get more than they bargained for when they find themselves stalked by killer zombies and terrifying creatures intent on feeding on the flesh of the living. With only a few weapons and time running out, they take shelter in an ancient house, inside which they will uncover the secrets of the “House of the Dead”.

Hey, at least the zombies look cool. “House of the Dead” is to be released spring/summer 2003.

For a trailer, photos from the set and more, check out the official website for The House of the Dead!

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