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By Phil Hall | September 6, 2010

This award-winning student film focuses on a somewhat agitated young man who moves into a New York apartment. One of his neighbors – a wheelchair-bound old woman whose skin appears to be peeling off her face – warns the man about the grisly history of the apartment. It seems that a few years earlier, a mysterious gypsy woman was murdered when she was engaged in a solitary spiritual service within the apartment.  The new tenant, however, doesn’t care to hear about what transpired before he moved in – and, needless to say, his hostility comes with a price.

Jon Navarro wears multiple behind-the-camera hats and stars as the new tenant. While the film’s surprise ending isn’t too difficult to predict, Navarro keeps the pace moving at a brisk clip while accessorizing the production with an appropriately creepy cinematic style. The resulting effort is an entertaining endeavor that provides a credible calling card for the young filmmaker and his talented cast and crew.

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