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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 23, 2003

Vampires are littered throughout movie history. You’ve got Dracula, Nosferatu, and all the schlocky vampire horror films you could want. There’s another vampire as well to add there in “The Girl with the Hungry Eyes”, directed by Jon Jacobs.
The film stars Christina Fulton as a model in the 1930s who owns a hotel in Miami and, distraught after her lover cheats on her, kills herself there. 60 years later, she comes back as a vampire, and the hotel comes to life via a disembodied voice who tells her that fresh blood is needed in order to bring the place back to life. The hotel is scheduled for demolition, so yeah, I could see a hotel suddenly developing something like that. Heck, if a Hyatt or a Best Western was scheduled to tumble, I could see those buildings screaming for mercy.
Anyway, the vampire chick heads out into the world to seek blood from many victims, by using her body and looks. She also has an affair with a photographer (Isaac Turner) that’s heavily in debt and things aren’t looking too good for him.
The film’s cinematography is quite flashy, to say the least, and Fulton is quite good in the part and shows that she can definitely do more, given the chance. One interesting sequence has her ordering up a steak, extremely rare and the Hotel Voice comes back again to tell her that “Fresh blood is needed. Try the waiter.”
All in all, it’s a decent vampire film and….oh yeah, how could I forget one of the most important sequences here? The sex scene drenched in blood! Yep, you read that right. Towards the end, Fulton’s character and the photographer get it on and are drenched in a heavy amount of blood, though that’s definitely due to the fact that she bit his neck. It makes you wonder how many Hollywood films could stand to improve with a sequence like that. Jon Jacobs certainly loves reveling in all of this and it shows.

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