Home computers have come a long way in the way of editing systems. Now, film geeks have something to do with all that spare time on their hands, aspiring filmmakers can practice their editing chops and club promoters can have all sorts of crazy video projections cut together – all by loading clips from their favorite films into a computer and chopping away. Personally, I’m jealous. I remember the late nights I spent as a kid with my two VCR’s and stereo hooked together, painstakingly pause/recording shots from “Hard Boiled,” “Fantasia” and other good stuff together to the tune of Ministry and White Zombie. Those were the days, but with today’s technology, I would’ve been able to do more – easier and quicker. Whatever, I’m just a little bitter.
Anyways, take a look at what Asim Fazal has done with a computer, some fast music and a load of great movies with this batch of trailers/music videos/tributes/eye candy he’s created – We have an Evil Dead video, featuring clips from “Evil Dead 2” and “Army of Darkness” to the tune of Lords of Acid; a THX 1138 trailer; a Bruce Lee tribute cut to techno music that’s pretty cool; Asim’s own version of the Spider-Man trailer, cut to more Lords of Acid; an Office Space trailer; a video consisting of clips from Robocop, cut to the tune of psy-trance tree huggers Infected Mushroom; an ode to that movie Star Wars; a retro cut of the old Transformers cartoon; a techo-charged Superman clip; and even a video featuring shots from everyone’s favorite Charlie Sheen movie, The Wraith, cut to the music from the “Blade” soundtrack.
So grab a beer…whiskey bottle…bong…crack pipe…rolled up twenty dollar bill…needle and enjoy.

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